Enjoy low carb diet success without hunger and disappointment

Thinking about trying a low carb diet?

Your brother's wife's cousin, or your best friend's girlfriend has lost weight doing it... why not you? All you have to do is eat mostly proteins and fats and try to stay away from carbs.

Well... I'm here to tell you it's not so easy. Back when I first decided to try a low carb diet I thought it would be a breeze, but found it was harder to eat all that meat, cheese, and fats while keeping away from my blessed carbs like potatoes, pasta's, breads and (my biggest temptation) soda pop, cola to be exact.

After about only a week, I was hating it, plain and simple. Yes, I did notice I lost an inch or two and that my pants were fitting a tad better, but that's not the point. Any diet worth doing needs to be doable for the long run, not short term. It needs to be something you can fit into your lifestyle if you want to KEEP the weight off for years to come.

After all what good is a diet going to be if it only helps you lose weight initially, and doesn't help you KEEP it off? The problem I was having is that the food was getting really boring to eat, and I had no assistant in my corner to go fetch delicious low carb recipes and other info that was vital to my low carb diet success. After all, I had no time to do all of this, I'm a busy person, and most likely you are too.

That sums up the entire reason why I bring you this website! This is just not "another low carb" website where all they do is hound you with countless sales pitches! I'm here to tell you the truth, and everything you need to know to lose weight in a HEALTHY way!

I am your Low Carb Diet Assistant and I've spent countless hours (and continue to spend countless hours) doing all the research for you, in order to provide for you a steady supply of delicious low carb recipes that will make you forget that you're even on a diet!

So bare with me, as this website is always under construction being updated with fresh, timely advice and mouth water recipes that will make you dream of your next low carb meal.

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To Your Low Carb Diet Success,
Steve Longoria
Your Low Carb Diet Assistant